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They are incredible people. We know they are our secret sauce for success.

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Tired of working on boring projects, come join our team and help us change the world!


We value team the most

As we have a big task on our hands and we cant possibly do it alone. Working in teams is very important to us, cause it will bring us to our goal faster. we stick together and have ecahoters back all the time. Come and join the forces.


World Class Teammates

You will be working alogside some of the best colegues in their fields. As terraforming new worlds is a group effort, we can always help eachother out. As location poses no barriers we have teammates all over the world working coehesivly for the same goal.


Develop yourself

Help us learn and we'll help you learn. We wanna help you evolve yourself and be a better version of you as that will be better of all of as and for all of mankind. We are constantly looking for a new and better ways to solve our problems, so lets lern new techniques, software and anything we need together.


Conquer the New Divide

Do you think about the future, do you invision how the humanity will solve some of its biggest problems. We do and we allways wanna hear from you. Hit us up and share your fresh new ideas to make the world a better place!