We’re advancing the construction industry through automation, robotics, software and materials. Our innovative approach to Additive Manufactured Construction aims to reinvent how we build.

What We Do

Additive Manufactured Construction

Natura Eco develops versatile 3D construction printers. Our goal is to overcome the challenges facing the traditional construction industry. We do this by creating a wide range of bespoke solutions.

Our in-house team develops printers, materials, and processes that enable vast adaptability. This way, we streamline the construction process by providing hardware, software, and material to our clients.


The first 3D printed building in Eastern Europe.

The first 3D printed building in Eastern Europe.
It explores the segmental and modular approach of Additive Manufactured Construction. PROTO-DOM is a glimpse into the future of sustainability and ecologically driven design.


We are proud to have been able to realise 
some great collaborations.

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